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VV.AA.: “3 Way Frenzy” tape 2002 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

3 way split from gore-obsessed Death grind bands from New York. All of them are either 1 or 2 piece bands with drum machine, so beware if you have prejudices on automated things. CRUSHING ORGAN is the one-man side project of BIOLICH’ Tom Carey. DEFLESHED BY FLIES (interesting name indeed: it’s the title of a song by LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY from their split with RAKITIS) is a two piece band, featuring Will of BIOLICH (again) and Adam Rotella, a name which doesn’t sound too alien to my ears. If my memory doesn’t betray me Adam is (or was, at least) the mind behind BLUDGEON and ANAL BIRTH, both ultimate splatter/goregrind abominations, so probably DEFLESHED BY FLIES won’t be about vampires and Vikings either. About BIOLICH, you have plenty to read in this issue, including a long interview.


Tracks (11): CRUSHING ORGAN: 1) Gutted and Fucked on the Altar 2) Time Bomb Enema 3) Diseased Ambigamist DEFLESHED BY FLIES 1) Castrated and Mutilated 2) Stabbed to Death 3) Mauled by Bears (Devoured by Vermin) 4) Dispose of the Soul, Devour the Meat 5) Meat Shredder (Dead Meat Mix) 6) Meat Shredder (Still Moving Mix) BIOLICH: 1) Massive Abdominal Compound Frenzy 2) Gradual Comminution of the Nethermost Bilateral Coigne