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NAPALMED (Cze): “Misch Masch Miksasch” tape 2002 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

I don’t know if I’m the best to describe such stuff as the one contain herein but I will try. Call me masochist but I tend to like this obsessive, noise only stuff. With a demo titled after SEX PISTOLS (or SORE THROAT?), NAPALMED’s music is the ultimate minimalist stuff, stripped of every resemblance to any kind of “melodic” music you can desperately try to grab to feel safe. Combined in the right pattern, noise can give you emotions, steal your breath, raise your heartbeat just as any other “traditional” band. Since from the first song this NAPALMED tape substantially brings you to the verge of suicide. It’s kind of distant, eerie, and melancholic, with a background fuss which reminds me of a thin rain falling on glistening concrete… metallic clacking and tedious tickling add the background for what is like a huge rasping breath which come and goes in waves. There are lots of “instruments” used here, if you want to call them that way, which add variety to the music with a plethora of different sonorities. At times the sound grows to be a bit more like heavy boots pummelling the ground, at times it’s just like hearing your TV fizzling out of tuning. At time it’s just like a blank lp spinning erratically. The curious thing about this demo is that it DOESN’T sound electronic at all even if made mainly with keyboards and percussions, it just don’t involve techno beats or stuff you can picture when thinking of a noise band. It’s just NOISES, arranged to create a grim arabesque, like a sculpture made of pipes and black sewer stones, not dazzling circuitry if you know what I mean... Oh well, time for me to go to sleep. Trippy stuff.


Tracks (4): 1) Slatemic Sounds 2) No Name 3) Roomfullscapes 4) Hey Saroy, show me your guts!