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TORKE (Ita): ďAnti-JubilaeumĒ tape 2001 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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I should recognize that this band is rather abysmal and obsessive, which is something I basically like in the genre. No guitar masturbation, no pretty melodies at all, but despite the stern approach this Black Metal doesnít really stir suicide impulses in me. Itís not like hearing DEMONCY or ABRUPTUM is you know hat I mean, itís not THAT bleakÖ itís just like hearing ugly Black Metal with lots of overlapping whispers. The vocals are so piercing your eardrums tend to microwave (I have had a few listen with earphones) anyway, which can appeal as well as not, but the guitars are the real weak spot in the whole project, they just donít arrange the right mood, my opinion being even if you want it raw, you still need some good riff to play with and bring on for 20 straight minutes. But these riffs just too often wobble and totter too slowly, as if they had no real toehold. I would add to the bad points that I am not very much for the guitar sound they adopted, for the (sort of) solos, the neo-Swedish melodies in Chapter IV. The first track in side b has some interesting arrangements with whispering and evil rasping, and the grindlike larsens add some barbarity to the basic riffing, but I donít think Iíll give it a few more listens in the future. Just need some more fine-tuning.


Tracks (5): 1) Rebellion...Revolution!!! 2) Mutilando Falsi Sorrisi... 3) Black Sickness 4) ... Sconfiggendo líorribile Masey 5) Anti-Jubilaeum