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DISGORGE (Mex): “3 studio songs” tape 2001 Obliteration

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

The songs on this tape are nothing but tracks one and eight from “Chronic Corpora Infest” and a track from “Forensick” re-released as tapes by Naru of Obliteration/CSSO. The mixing is good even thought these tracks are presented here in self-financed, self-recorded versions. Of course you know DISGORGE so I won’t go too much in detail here, but if you don’t have a clue about the band, think of it as the ultimate aberration, DISGORGE is gorewise the most gruesome band I can come up with, I can’t really stuff them as grind nor as death metal, maybe something in between... Deathgrind? The guitar/drum combination is constantly changing, getting opposite, twisting like a live body subject to dissection. Some of the inescapable, gloomy, claustrophobic feel remind a bit of the CARCASS of the “I Reek of Putrefaction” golden era, although even tighter if possible at all. The vocals are bubbling, phlegmy, confuse, it’s just a maelstrom of insane pathological splatter holocaust brought to the limits of listenablity . Add some samples to break the songs even (not cheap overused ones though, it’s just some stuff that add some decrepit, anxious feel) and you get a three songs sample of what DISGORGE could actually do in full-length. Should I add this is one of my favorite bands?


Tracks (3): 1) The Vile Sores in Urticariothocism Goulashed Decrepitance 2) Gribbled Maggotized Pregnant Inside into a Fetid Renal Sarna 3) In the Acro Cianotic Post-Cloning Ectopysm