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GHOULS (Ita): ďRebaptized in BlapshemyĒ tape 1998 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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I have to pronounce only good things about this demo because these GHOULS are a goddamned running kick in the groin if you overtake my poetic license. To talk about pure facts, I didnít really expect a demo as good as this from an Italian band, having more or less been convinced by just 4 or 5 others in all of the last five-year-cycle. That said, GHOULS came at all unexpected. While in the overall following the well worn schemas of Brutal Death Metal, they luckily didnít fall into the usual slam-syndrome most of our national bands seem to love so drearily, instead privileging the speed, the blasting drumbeats, the caveman vocals and the frantic solos to crush your skull instead of going searching after the ultimate two step riff. GHOULS plays a Death Metal full to the brim with these barbaric elements, the guitar curling neurotically to fast speeds, just to drop in MORBID ANGEL-esque contortions adorned with strands of nihilistic solos just to pummel some more Brutishness straight in the speakers a second later. Very fast tempos which might remind DEEDS OF FLESH in sheer structural architecture (fast, fast, some syncopated cadence for a few seconds then fast again), yet GHOULS tend to be a bit repetitive in the quicker parts but this might be just a choice, if itís effective in adding speed to the tape, itís up to you, as for me, color me positively impressed.


Tracks (3): 1) Ghouls 2)Rebaptized in Blasphemy 3) My life for your death