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LUTEOUS (Swe): “Disgorging Intestinal Phlegm” tape 2001 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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It’s quite encouraging that a band like this comes from Gothenburg considering the only Death Metal person I know from the City today writes for a fanzine (Barbaric Poetry). But Gothenburg has its share of surprises and life teaches us that a grind flower can blossom inside melodic concrete. LUTEOUS is a one-man band, of loose grind fibre, with some crust tarnishing and lots of samplings to introduce each song. The drum machine while somewhat basic and cold doesn’t really overheat as many of the demo remain in the hammering mid tempos IMPETIGO taught us to appreciate, with just a few bursts in the middle… I can point out VISCERA for instance, regarding the grinding parts. The vocals are the most peculiar thing, malignant and high-frequency closer to ORDER FROM CHAOS than to CARCASS in my opinion, but always somewhat goregrind, and with an old-school feel. Tracks are quite short and the whole demo ends up pretty soon, I guess (and hope) that I’ll get to hear from the band not too far way on the future.


Tracks (7): 1) Clostridium (Brown Pus) 2) Exssanguing the Innocent 3) Ritual Suicide 4) Congenital Deformity 5) Helmithemeal Regurgitation 6) Obscene Dissection 7) Severe Phagomania