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MISERY’S OMEN (Aus): “To Worship Stone Gods” 7” Ep 2002 Hellflame

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Macabre, avantgarde Black Metal with vocals that remind, at least on emphasis, joy and variety those of Attila (“Mysteriis” era). This albums is strongly evocative of death, yet being at the same time as bizarre as old DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, as dissonant as KOROVA, as possessed as FUNERAL ORATION, as insane as latest CARBONIZED. It’s quite difficult to organize feelings about these two songs becouse they can start with classic Swedish melodies just to drop in clogs of harmonic twists with hyaena screams on top and other inhorganic forms of experimentation two steps later. I kinda like when bands come up with this RIGHT way to experiment, when I hear monstrosities like TARTEROS or LUNARIS, I can become quite close minded, but when things are arranged as gracefully and as completely insane as here, well, I feel at home, lost in a labyring of madness.


Tracks (2): 1) Antartic Chasms 2) To Worship Stone Gods