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REVENGE (Can): “Superion, Command, Destroy” 7” Ep 1999 Warhammer

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

I think if we took Black Metal and brought it to the extremes of experimental grindcore (PROPHECY OF DOOM etc) adding IMPALED NAZARENE (1st album) influxes we might get something close to this. Hysterical Black metal that begins from the point where CONQUEROR ended. An orgy of god damned screams, an amazing drumwork and some martial force even behind all this fucking chaos makes this 7” a must have if you’re not into average Norwegian (spit in disgust) shit metal. Vocals are raucous and high yet not squawky as many of the genre. But what is most impressive is the array of fucking loud noise they can raise when they get faster, everything becomes total hysterical Chaos as much as more classical OFC Metal. If I was Chris Forbes i’d rasie my thumbs up.


Tracks (2): 1) Blood Division 2) Superion Revenge