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DR SHRINKER (USA/Wi): “Our Necropsy” split 7” Ep with NUNSLAUGHTER (USA/Pa) 2002 Revenge

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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This band is a fucking classic. It’s one of those names you saw disappearing gradually from fanzines even before the 90’s were knocking. It was real good to see a re-release of their works (this song should actually be a demo recording sponsored by Earache but which never saw the light of day). After three demos, in fact (“Recognition”, “Wedding the Grotesque”, “The Eponym”), the band disbanded. Being that an old band, one shouldn’t be surprised Dr. Shrinker are recording here some good, very good old school thrash/doom metal. Before you start skipping the review becouse you’re only into “brudal sduff”, hold in mind there could be nothing as vigorous and violent as good REAL thrash. Just hold in mind classics like ASPHYX, very first DEATH or the great Gods PESTILENCE, cut them half speed and add a bunch of more Deathy grunts and a more obscure “horror” sound to the mix to roughly figure out what this band sounds alike. Well, that isn’t as accurate but might do. Dr. Shrinker were fast and competent musicians able to recreate weird and magic apocalyptic atmospheres even among all this chaos of thrashy riffs and their atypical “female” vocals. Yes. Female. Dr. Shrinker reaches its best in the long doomy, spectral parts that set up an heavy “haunting” mood unlike any other band I know. Classic, classic.


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