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TRAUMATISM (Can): “Traumatical Pieces” 7” Ep 1999 Spasmoparapsychotic

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

First off this is a live 7”, but the sound that comes out is really outstaning, same quality or better than many other grind studio releases (well, not Relapse stuff maybe but you got the point). TRAUMATISM play some sort of fast Brutal Death with a score of grind/crust elements thrown in, grindcore bursts, low grunt boar vocals and a rather heavy overall sound. They blend quite interestingly elements of crust and hardcore/grind with those classical Death super-dense parts a la BRUTAL TRUTH. “Braincrusher” or “Red Noize” for example could easily be punk/hard core grind covers, yet there are too may elements which are typically metallic. it’s real good becouse they manage to blend powerful sounds with energic, loose arrange-ments.


Tracks (7): 1) Stupid Pedophili-ac 2) Juicy Cerebellum 3) Souffleuse Attack 4) Fuckops 5) Braincrusher 6) Human Race 7) Red Noize