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GROINCHURN (RSA): "Fink" Cd 1998 Mobid

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

Rolling Grind'n Core might seem a bit uncommon definition but GROINCHURN is a very atypical band as well. They have that fresh, original groovy sound despite a vaguely distant Grindcore feel. The riffs are twisted and catchy as fuck, stuff you can definitely mosh and bang your head with. The maelstrom of Grindcore accelerations have a bit faded away, leaving space to those parts that defined their particular approach in their demos, identity which have grown pretty definite. Despite what mentioned before, don't think they have that DOMINUS-like retro aftertaste, nor any pointlessly melodic ideas. They're just catchy. To define them still as only grind would fit em pretty tight in my opinion. A more controlled, catchy version of BLOOD DUSTER with some almost AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED experimental "slow" to "mid tempo" contorted parts might be a fair comparison. Vocals are full and growling, sometimes evolving into hysterical screams, always keeping a really interesting level of freakiness and freshness.


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