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INCRIMINATED (Fin): split 7Ē with NUCLEAR WINTER (Gre) 2001 Nuclear Winter

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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I can foretell that somebody will call this band Doom because itís slow. Nevertheless I think itís even easier to identify: this is just slow Death Metal. The single riff that is used for the total length of this track is nothing too special, the vocals are good and very sharp but are the only good element that could stand out of this otherwise totally invisible Ep. Maybe they should switch singer with Nuclear Winter. Trying to go a bit more detailed about a single track is quite tricky. Itís just the same mid-slow paced martial riff pounding for minutes with this screechy thing rasping in your hi-fi. I wonder if itís really worth recording one single song like this.


Tracks (1): 1) Anything you desire (Dark Perversions)