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DEAD (Ger): ďOrgasm through Sleazy VibesĒ 7í 1999 No Weak Shit

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

I have been in Nuremberg this summer, and had the chance to taste the fabled Nurenbergers, kinda small, wiry wursts with small tasty seeds in their blend, very good. But itís not about dead meat sausages you have to deal when talking about DEAD, but instead of live big, pierced, veiny vibrant cum-gushing sausages, like the one Godzilla is holding when spraying his love cream all over Manhattanís skyscrapers. There is really nothing priceless in this single EP, but itís damn fantastic to get a hold on it, particularly for collectors (after all, isnít the vinyl market going towards it as time goes on?). Piss yellow wax in the best DEAD tradition, the 2 songs herein encased are taken one from the VIP album and the other live from í93. I consumed my dictionary with praises on the VIP Cd, but I can say the live song is real good. The recording is really excellent and the vocals are really perfect, phlegm-clamped and throaty. Perverts as we have grown to love them, and with their distinguishing retro/groove vibe in their grinding Death, DEAD still leave one of their nostalgic posthumous opus upon us. Itís great that Francisco decided to release this 7í because this band still means much to me, it was REALLY sick.


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