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UNGOD (Ger): “Phallus Cult” split 7” with SADISTIC INTENT (USA/Ca) 1998 Merciless

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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The cover might be not one of the best ever, it just depicts a man with a huge cock but the drawing quality is really horrible, but the interior shows one of the most extreme scenes of female crucifix masturbation I have seen, it’s damn eye-popping... I want to know the chcik who did this eheh... musically UNGOD are very anti-melodical Blackish Death Metal, never exceedingly fast but really moody. The vocals are not exactly shrieky but are really screamed out of a slit throat, it sounds as if the singer was dying while recording them. The guitarwirk is essential, acid, absolutely devoid of melody or compassion, I like the fact it is damnn difficult to swallow, just like some older Black Metal a la APATOR or HADEZ, but without use of samplings and solos to complete it up. It’s raw, and basic, and hateful, and ugly, it won’t spin your head but it is definitely a kick in the guts.


Tracks (1): 1 - Phalluscult