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COCK & BALL TORTURE (Ger): “Big Tits, Big Dicks” split 7” with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY (Hol) 2001 Flesh Feast

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Little can be said on these songs that have not been said under the review of “Opuss(sy) IV”, CBT continue to be the most stylish of all the actual Goregrind bands, be them German or not. From the release of the much crustier “Cocktales” CBT has undergone a constant change in perfecting their artwork and unique style, neat, almost aseptycal yet terribly asphyxiating. Images of fetish sex, latex and spermsoaked whores permeate this music, I really have no problem in stating that CBT is really the only rightful heir to GUT (if you look on the cover, the logo on the right bottom is CBT’s but drawed after GUT’s old one eheh). Just like them , they have the impossible bad taste of comntemplating Porn and Grind, though CBT are possibly even more obsessively sex-oriented. You know the rest: double vocals that combine froggish burps and harmonized grunts, mid paced rockish goregrind with some burst of grind blasts, and lot of class. To sum it up, they close their side with a cover of MUCUPURULENT adapted to their unique style. I am a real fan of this band dammit. Ep comes in sperm white wax.


Tracks (4): 1 - Cunt Caviar 2 - Sexcretion 3 - Buttman Goes to Rio 4 - Suborbital Ejaculation