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GRIP INC. (USA/Ca): "Solidify" Cd 1999 Steamhammer

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Just like SLAYER seem to have lost good part of its sjoine when Dave left the band a few years ago, seems like their ex drummer have found no much better place to militate. Actually, GRIP INC. is far worse than the latest SLAYER which somewhat maintain a decent share of ferocity, if not their inimitable sound they got in the 80's. GRIP INC. follow the weakened, tired path of modern thrash metal, with some fair resemblance to WHITE ZOMBIE or STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. That this music is not my cup of tea should be blatant, but to hear this disc while looking at the picture, thinking what kind of absolute, ultimate war machine SLAYER was, it's disheartening. Yeah I know, there's no point in making parallels, but so unpersonal, so banal, repetitive is this music, I have no much interest in finding other ways to describe. If you like new crossover or whatever they call it, this is for you. Not for me.


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