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DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY (USA/Ny): s/t split Cd with WOMB (USA/Ny) 2002 Necroharmonic

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY opens with a fast song that has a clear Black Metal structure, yet it develops gradually into good Death/Doom that strongly smells of genuine fundamental old school like WINTER or DISEMBOWELMENT in the more relentless, doomy parts or IMPRECATION when the business gets tough. In any case, with D.O.M. you get classic, pristine Death Metal of the finest sort. Both bands have masterpiece material in one single disc I really see no reason good enough for not buying an album like this. Superlative.


Tracks (3): 6) Rotting Immaculate Like You 7) Sustained in Desolation 8) God of Love