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MALIGNANCY (USA/Ny): “Frailty of the Human Condition“ split Cd with INTERVALLE BIZARRE (Cze) 2002 Shindy

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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I would dare to categorize MALIGNANCY as a Death Grind metal band as well even though in a very different way that INTERVALLE BIZARRE. The band follows definitely straighter patterns, really ultra-heavy, with a shitload of grinding bursts and “as guttural as possible” vocals. I haven’t found any boring mid tempo riffs at all, just a compact, real neat selection of hammering Death Metal brutality, containing a balance of fast bursts (that never get blurred by speed) and crunchy monstrosities a la SKINLESS. Regarding those that introduce the band as MORTICIAN-sounding I wonder why they are allowed to write on a music mag, there is really no real point of contact beteen the two bands that’s not the vocals, and then maybe. The guitarwork I am hearing contains a dozen more riffs per song than our beloved MORTY, and bases much of its heaviness on contrastic, complex turns rather than one-note chunks. Even not as immediatly stunning as INTERVALLE BIZARRE, MALIGNANCY are a force to be reckoned, ton heavy and immensely powerful, if I am in for some skullcrushing Death Metal this is in first line.


Tracks (5): 6) Fibroid Embolism 7) Profitable Extinction 8) Rotten Seed 9) Post Fetal Depression 10) Mortality Weakness