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INTERVALLE BIZARRE (Cze): “Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass“ split Cd with MALIGNANC (USA/Ny) 2002 Shindy

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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INTERVALLE BIZARRE: All my whining about modern, technical, Brutal Death’s lack of incisive effects fall to pieces when I hear Cds like this. INTERVALLE BIZARRE are the most superb, original band playing this kind of super clean new brand of Deathgrind of all the fucking Eastern bloc. This split recreates today in pure fucking force what SQUASH BOWELS managed with their previous “Trnybal”. Dissonant, constantly changing, with a shitload of those schizo guitar twists that was DYING FETUS’ earlier distinctive remark. INTERVALLE BIZARRE is undoubtedly heavier, and crazier then any of the new school DM bands put together and mixes all the furious rage of grind with the best elements of Death Metal, super producted and so technical to give you vertigos. I once described BASTARD SAINTS as the grindcore cousins of DYING FETUS, now I have its rightful twin at the Cd player, I can’t imagine a better split between our BASTARDs and this band. When you can bend all this energy and savagery into such a refined, clear product you definitely achieved something. BRUTAL TRUTH cover at the end.


Tracks (5): 1) Abortion By Muriatic Acid 2) Disfigured Sculpture 3) Raped Serenity 4) Incomprehensible Movements 5) Walking Corpse (Brutal Truth cover)