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BLEEDING MORGUE (Ita): “s/t” Cdr 2002 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Let's screw the production for once, The vocals are a bit too high and the guitars almost non-existent but that's a demo so fuck it, it’s the second time they remix it and I won’t wait for a third copy. At first what I didn't like at all about the band was given by my impression that they were trying to sound American and technical like INTERNAL BLEEDING (first stuff) or the other polished, slamming DM bands that followed their particular style, especially in the States. They seemed to be struggling but didn’t manage to reach the right solidity in songwriting or the necessary speed of say, bands like GORGASM or DEEDS OF FLESH, I mean. After the last complete listen, however I begun to get into the slower parts and especially the first two tracks which appear more cadenced, sick, and bloody, and combined with the filthy production they even give reminiscence of some obscure southamerican forgotten demo. I guess I caught at least two parts where the vocals are a xerox of Chris Barnes’ “I Cum Blood” but that’s not a terrible lack, I guess. Things get worse with the third and fifth tracks that spot at least two attempt at “blasting” which just won’t convince a crippled crone. Tsk tsk. I think they’re still an hybrid between the real Sick Death Metal band and a mockery of some American big name. If they can get rid of the slams, the solos and the “chugga chugga” NYDM macho riffs they might as well be an interesting band to follow. Brilliant the catarrous backing vocals that follow strictly the roars all thru the Cdr. Follow the filth, follow the dirt.


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