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ROOTTENNESS (Mex): “Inhuman Ways of Depravity” Cd 2001 Emerald City

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

“Inhuman Ways” is the second ROTTENNESS release, again on the Mexican label Emerald City that is also releasing BLOODREAPING (Project featuring Anttimo of DISGORGE and RAVAGER). One thing to laud about ROTTENNESS is its total straight unsubtlety and expurging of anything that’s not strictly Death Metal. They might not have all the elements to be an ultimate DM band with capital “U”, but don’t show any weak spots either. For a rough idea you should picture MORTICIAN, with their simple, heavily crunchy guitars, but adding add a dextrous, fast drummer, and throwing in some classical Death Metal parts in between. The band likes a lot to crack the songs in the middle to throw in some slams a la GODLESS TRUTH in which the singer grunts over a single basic super-stopped note (you know what I mean the “chuggha, chug chugga” syndrome), yet it’s the part that I possibly find less interesting in an otherwise real neat work. Brutish Death with its good share of pornography and explicit gore (hey this is Mexican stuff, could it be otherwise considering they have been treating us so well thus far??), ROTTENNESS breaths and grunts heavily its porngore-inspired violence that wraps up with a good MORTICIAN cover in the end.


Tracks (9): 1) Hatred 2) Seduced by a Fecal Freak 3) Grotesque Obsession for Penetrations 4) Ruptures of Pleats in a Carbonized Cunt 5) Rejoice in 6) Just a Hole to be Fucked 7) Stabbed and Choked by an Erection 8) Tea Time 9) Inhuman Ways of Depravity