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GORGUTS (Can): "Obscura" Cd 2000 Serious Entertainment

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Long, long time veterans of Death Metal, GORGUTS have lost some pieces during the trip to the 21th century. Only remaining member since the demotape days being Luc Lemay (for what I can read now that I compare the line ups), and what evolved from that old, classic band is now something so weird that even I got hard time digesting it. When I first had KATAKLYSM's "The Orb of Uncreation" in my hand, it was easy to accept. The school of post-psycho grind was at its beginning but after all, that confused gathering of ordered, technical chaos had still something human in it ... and I come out loving it at the very first listen. But the new GORGUTS really escapes any definition of sort. At first you hate it, then you slowly drift to the warped, cacophonous style. And start to read through the lines. Just like with VOIVOD some decade ago. There's such a schizophrenic yet horrendously technical art behind every instrument, any fucking mind behind these songs must have a perverted genius. This is one of those discs that define one style. But I have my reservations that anybody else would be able to do anything close to this again. I am really speechless.


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