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MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM (Cze): "Evil Planet" Cd 2000 Epidemie

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM is a band to be taken quite seriously, from every angle you watch it. The inner booklet contains images of human cruelty so vivid and real they wrap a weight around your dry throat. The lyrics too are quite a good compromise between AGATHOCLES, MAN IS THE BASTARD, VIOLENT HEADACHE and LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY. The music too, follows the claustrophobia of an inescapable truth, the cruelty and waste that human greed is doing to our planet. Substantially brutal, solid, chunky Death Metal with powerful vocals, this Cd winning spots might possibly be the interesting, complex guitarwork, somewhat reminiscent of OBSCENITY in consistency and thickness and INTERVALLE BIZARRE/DYING FETUS/BASTARD SAINTS for the dissonant, vibrating rhytmic virtuosisms; to continue on the guitars, these guys really know how to handle their guns, the solos are hyper scholastic even if I have spotted two or three “rock” tempos in excess (I am not a real fan of psychedelia and 70’s), but that’s the price you pay when you want to lose too much time trying to be different. Good, super-precise is also the drummer although he possibly needs to blast a bit faster when the pace gets hot. No complains on the production, either, balanced and clean, it gives the right depth to every piece of the set. Talking about the bad things, one thing that could be and must be definitely improved is their lyrics. They’re quite interesting and effective, so full of “pain”, yet grammar and syntax are not excellent at all, I wonder why they can’t just hand them to some English friend for supervision before going to studio, I sometimes find them difficult to follow just due to so many errors. Contrarily to what I was complaining in CEREBRAL TURBULENCY’s review this is a Cd that’s really vibrating with life, constantly evolving yet keeping it brutal and innovative all through the end, be it in the guitars, the vocals, the tempos. I just wish I could esclude song number 6 and 8 from the Cd, the rest is excellent, but these songs suck. I guess that’s excessively experimentation even for me (I have a problem with clean vocals). In short, I think this band has reached a good maturity and consistence yet they should get rid of some of these mosh riffs to be a total bullet in the chest.


Tracks (14): 1) Intro 2) Violation Of The Child 3) Thank You Go Away 4) One From Ways To The Hell 5) Bloody Gold 6) Song Of Surly Fellow 7) As In Trap 8) You Can But Needn't 9) Evil Planet 10) The Well 11) Mass Suicidal Party 12) Endless Way Of Soul 13) Battery 14) Grind Hop Shit