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CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (Cze): "Impenetrable" Cd 2001 Khaaranu

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

It is not what I consider a very good sign when after 2 full plays I still have to recall one single riff from an album. CEREBRAL TURBULENCY plays some sort of fast Hardcore/grind/death with a good, crystalline production, some grinding bursts in the right spots and a good balance of different vocals, ranging from hyper-pitch-shifted goregrind to a sort of shouted growl a la latest BRUTAL TRUTH that really does the trick. With this last band maybe CT have the greatest affinity, especially when we talk about the hybrid grind/HC works of “Kill Trend Suicide”, then we might throw in some of the latest NAPALM DEATH on the guitar influences, and both of them on the lyrical dept that quite fittingly talk about socio-political themes. Forceful, sure, powerful and stout and with the right outbursts or grindcore rage when the music gets too claustrophobic (something very latest NAPALM DEATH aren’t very excellent at) but despite the structures are quite impeccable, one has to admit this Cd becomes completely predictable after 5 minutes. It is really something that doesn’t bother me excessively on the average, especially when music is so competently arranged but, well, if we exclude the great short “Life is About Knowledge”, which is basically a wall of harmonized noise, there is nothing really that keeps the interest high on the long run, could be defined as the REGORGE of grind/core (see review), yet the music is so solid you can’t really rate it any lower.


Tracks (26): 1) Feeble Minds Of The Nation 2) Different World 3) Yes! Legitimate 4) Same Choices 5) Life Is About Knowledge 6) My Inner Mate 7) Fear Of Indifference 8) The Best In The End 9) You Are Your Own Limit 10) Throw Your Mask Away 11) Harsh Future 12) Adios A Las Corridas 13) Frenzied Imagination 14) Don't Let Her Consume! 15) Frenzied Imagination 16) Loss Of Identity 17) Brutes And Animals 18) Development 19) You're A Poor Wretch 20) Kokos 21) Harmless Citizen 22) Feeling Of Blame 23) We Are Also People 24) Clean-Shaven Brains 25) The More The Higher 26) Suicide