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BLOODSHED DIVINE (US/La): "Summoned to the Ancient Dawn" Cd 2000 Largactyl

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

I really can't recall how I got this BLOODSHED DIVINE Cd on my desk but it was in my review pile so here are my comments about it. Well, I shall start prefacing this is a one man band and the Cd itself is just a repress of the band’s two first demos, titled respectively “Summoned” and you guessed it, “To the Ancient Dawn”. That’s, more or less all I have to say. The music itself has been described as phenomenal and outstanding blend of Death and Black metal. What I can hear here is a pathetic attempt at playing the drums (really you should hear how bad they are, never heard anything so lame) that really destroys almost every attempt to prduce a good song. The vocals are ok, you know, it shifts from cold BM to doomish Death Metal from time to time, but in neither of the two genres it excels in any way. It has been quite some time since I heard anything so forgettable and mediocre, but there is nothing interesting to add about it , very forgettable and featuring the worst drums ever. That’s a record I guess. Not a huge shit but nothing I would care to listen again either.


Tracks (8): 1) Echoes Of The Abyss 2) Summoned 3) Inverted Nazarene 4) Bloodshed Divine (War In Heaven) 5) To The Ancient Dawn 6) The Christian Holocaust 7) Bloodshed Divine (Krieg Im Himmel) 8) Blut Auf Meiner Klinge