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NECRO SCHIZMA (Hol): “Erupted Evil” Cd 2002 From Beyond

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

NECRO SCHIZMA was a quite overlooked Dutch doom/death/black metal band from the late 80’s. Their demo has been here recently reprinted by Displeased’s (associate?) From Beyond label, obviously dedicated to the most evil, obscure bands from the glorious days. The word I choose is quite fitting actually, the music in this demo/Cd is EVIL, fucking EVIL. Slow as fuck, droning like a Doomier version of VON, or a Blackest version of WINTER, NECRO SCHIZMA retain all the melancholic fascination of old school Black Metal. While soundwise BEHERIT, ABRUPTUM, HELLAMMER and DEMONCY would be the first paragons to spring out of mind, the keywords for the album are four: relentless, inescapable, slow and obscure, I kinda freaked for this demo when I gave it the first spin, shame to me for having overlooked it when it was released for the first time. The vocals are the incarnation of despair, suffering and torment, devoid of all drops of life and energy. This is the kind of jewel for those in search for depression, old school gone-by demo-feel, and songs that have like 20 drum beats per minute. Beware this is scary doom stuff, not your average CATHEDRAL or TERGOTHON. From 8th track on, you have a couple of live songs recorded from a gig in 1990, the sound is quite good, and although abit faster live, they’re quite evocative, too.


Tracks (13): 1) Intro: Doom Of The Necroslaughter 2) Erupted Evil 3) Bestial Lust 4) Crucified Carcass 5) Mass Murderer 6) Triumph Of Death 7) Intro: Doom Of The Necroslaughter (Live) 8) Erupted Evil (Live) 9) Pre-Natal Autopsy (Live) 10) Bestial Lust (Live) 11) Crucified Carcass (Live) 12) Necrocarnation (Live) 13) Triumph Of Death (Live)