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ANAL BIRTH (USA/Ny): s/t split Cdr with TRAUMA TEAM (Hol) 1998 Mangled Maggot Stew!

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this label

Other releases from this band

Maybe the most prominent project by the grindcore veteran Adam Rotella (I have been reading his name around since forever) that adds to his endless list with LIQUEFIED MAGGOTS, DEFLESHED BY FLIES, GROTESQUE DEFORMITIES, BONDED FLESH and the list goes on for years. ANAL BIRTH plays goregrind that borders the farthest extremes of pure noise. The sound is more than simply garage, it sounds as if it rained all night on the speakers, and they were recording with rusty jacks. Maximum speed drum machine, and so much pitch-shift that make the vocals sound like an elephant lament brings you possibly to the loudest grind/noise from US, absolutely as extreme as the fittest Japanese madmen. Beware that guitars and bass arer almost non-existent, this shit is absolutely minimalistic. if you arenít afraid to lose a coupla bucks give them a chance, but I repeat, this is very very extreme.


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