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DISLIMB (USA/Oh): "Bleeding Anxiety" CDr 2002 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

DISLIMB plays ultra-heavy, I mean, impossibly heavy Brutal Death roughly fashioned after the new American school sonorities, yet if you are expecting another BRODEQUIN clone youíre on the wrong way to identify DISLIMB. DISLIMB is not constantly fast as a rocket, on the contrary it shows its full potential in the slower pounding mid-slow tempos, where the gargling grunts reach the deepest and the guitar tone scratches the bottom of the human ear range of frequencies. Despite the monstrous drummer (from BRODEQUIN, eh), even the fastest parts are not taken to the limit of speed, so that the music remains ripe with consistency and wholly identifiable, not just a blur of notes. Sure there are the classic tremolos and the mega-chunky breath-stripping three-notes-per-minute riffs, but this is a demo thatís right more than a combination of slams and hyperblasts. There is class and competence that hover on the music and arrange the different parts into a puzzle of concrete, credible Death Metal. The overall heaviness remind me a bit of SHREDDED CORPSE demo-era, TORTURE KRYPT, first DEEDS OF FLESH album, GORGASM and so on, you got the idea by now. What can I say, even if youíre not into cold, unemotional US Brutal Death I would give this a chance, itís a demo that has more body and soul than a ton others.


Tracks (5): 1) Bleeding Anxiety 2) Infatuated With Sickening Thoughts 3) Deprived of Humanity 4) Last Rites of the III Content 5) Behind the Green Door