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LEG’TCHE (Bel): "Death by a Thousand Cuts" Cd 2002 The Spew

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

I have to bow my head for this work to my countrymate The Spew, this release is really kick ass professional shit. The graphic artwork is really superb, a bit McKean-esque in feel and really depraved in an artistic way (I love the bloodstained razor on the back cover). I don’t know if LENG TCH’E got their name as a tribute to NAKED CITY (like BLOOD DUSTER) anyway musically, well, LENG’TCHE play convulse, hysterical grind/death enhanced and loaded with a super-clean production. The manic screams, groovy riffs and sudden, schizo hyperblasts give the whole album more than a simple touch of originality and variety. I have heard comparisons to HEMDALE. if we talk about the screams I agree totally, but we’re quite far from Mr. Rowe’s old bulldozer grind, LENG’TCHE is a bit looser in structure, a wild dog that experiments with crazed vocals and some ball-busting intros and samples. There’s a minute long lesson about the use of the word fuck, plus a score of other demented intros which could lead to think LEG’TCHE is just a fun-project. A close look at the lyrics (if we exclude the one which starts with “blabalbalahahahblablahhhh” I really laughed loud when I read the line) and we have some rather personal insights of the singer’s relationship with its parents and the whole scene. I have no very clear ideas about them but I am not sure I like all this BRUTAL TRUTH-like continouous lament about everything on and on (we reach the top in the song against Kid Rock). Yet Grindcore is stuff that comes from pissed-off thoughts so let it be. Just don’t think texts are as cured as BT’s, they’re quite straightforward and no-nonsense, almost a la AGATHOCLES. Superior release in every aspect, could be from the Relapse farm. Brilliant mixage, clever arrangements and lot of twisted mental illness which degenrates into complete brutality towards the end of the running time. If CSSO didn’t excite me much, this Spew releases make it at last. Fuck the Fucking Fuckers.


Tracks (18): 1) Initiate Murder Sequence 2) Strangled By Underwear 3) Hypocriscene 4) I Know Where You've Shit Last Summer 5) Fuck Eddy De Dapper 6) Inferior Superiorism 7) Get Rid Of The Rock In Your Name 8) Cockporn 9) The Regular Know-It-All 10) Chasms 11) Schizotrendic 12) The Scheme 13) Straight Outta Boerecote 14) Mosh Of The Clowns 15) Human Ignorance 16) Graveyard Shift 17) Delusions Of Grandeur 18) T.P.