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SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (Fra): “s/t” Cd 2001 Bones Brigade

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


Cover Art

Running Time: 32:20


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Bones Brigade rarely takes a false move when it comes to goregrind or grindcore. SCD can be possibly be considered the fastest, heaviest goregrind band ever from France. They have the particularity, just like OBITUARY ten plus years ago, to avoid completely the lyrics, although our dear camembert eaters have gone one step further, they have no song titles either (I guess they will have codes or numbers at least for the stage)... Cover artwork and packaging are really deluxe, ultra splatter yet artistically quite delicate and balanced. The nice case however holds a contorted, elaborated goregrind with a solid structure, neat sounds and super fast grindblasts as well as the typical vocal hysteria that grab your brain with constant twists of grunts and screams. Songs average about one minute each and there are 21 in the Cd, that makes barely much more than half an hour of full throttle grind with not a second of rest to catch breath. Sound quality and drum precision are really impeccable, could be easily some computer trick to make this shit so perfect. If however the sound was not so crisp everything could be easily reduced to a mass of formless sound. Vocals are so guttural at times you might get the idea there’s a duck with a pitch shifter on the mic. It might be my impression but it even gets heavier and heavier with each song, it ends up being almost pure noise. Do I need to go on?


Tracks (21): None