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NECROTORTURE (Ita): "Exploring Ways of Flesh" Cdr 2002 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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You can accuse me of many foul deeds but you can’t tell me I am not honest when reviewing albums. I was a bit puzzled when I was told this is supposed to actually be NECROTORTURE’s second demo, but then taking a quick look at the bio I got it. Me smart ass. The band was previously called SUSPIRIA , and I bet I wouldn’t have recognized them if I didn’t read it with my eyes. While SUPIRIA’s demo had the two main faults of being fuzzy and somewhat “soporific” on the long run (that is, 3 minutes), this new demo on Cdr is a fucking slash straight in the guts. By rubbing away all the monotony and various arrangement gaps of the previous band, and by pumping up volume and density by a score, the strugging NECROTORTURE accomplished the deed of creating a downright, solid, blooming chunk of Brutal Death Metal. No gracious abbellishments here. Riffs are straight, squat and hammering just like the vocals. They pound over and over with short, to the point grunts which have a complete lack of expressivity, humanity and melody. I kinda like it when singers don’t follow the music or alterate the vocals to make it more “metal” or “easy”. This is some kind of Brutal Death shit that is cold and punding as fuck, roughly reminishent of DYING FETUS’ slower arrangements or I’d dare to throw in DEVOURMENT or REGURGITATION for comparisons. If you didn’t get it yet, their style is mainly American in direction. The tracks “Psychotic Necrophilius” and “Mortal Machine” also appeared in the SUSPIRIA one (well, they CONSISTED in the SUSPIRIA demo in effect), although they sound a bit different now. No need to say a little bit better. I still have a problem with the overall sound but hey, this is a fucking demo so it’s the structures that count, not the production, even tho this is some kind of music that gains a lot from a brilliant recording. It’s just 4 tracks but they cut your breath in pieces. Heavy stuff.


Tracks (4): 1) Exploring Ways of Flesh 2) Mortal Machine 3) Psychotic Necrophilus 4) Pleasure of the Moribund