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GARDEN OF SHADOWS (USA/Md): "Oracle Moon" 2000 Wicked World

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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To compare this band with MY DYING BRIDE as they do on the leaflet that comes with this promotional is pure blasphemy. Despite the name had already sent shivers down my spine, GARDEN OF SHADOWS is substantially a Death Metal band with some slow parts... and some melody with honestly convinces me. Usually I loathe the crossing of Brutality and melody, but this time I must admit they do it in a decent way. Arrangements are pretty well studied, although there are far too many melodic parts for my tastes. But they have that catchiness which was magic in bands such as DARK TRANQUILLITY in their first and only good album "Skydancer". Yes I think this might fit, this album is the Skydancer of Death Metal. Which is a compliment if you think what kind of fanzine you're reading. Eheh. For trivia seekers, they had a demo called "Heart of Corona" which was reissued as MCD by X-Rated records in 1996.


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