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MACHETAZO (Spa): "Trono de Huesos” Cd 2002 Razorback

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Well MACHETAZO dear shorthairs, the first time I saw them on the “Carne de Cementerio” debpresentation to the civilized world, I thought they were some baggy pant grindcore band that erroneously fell into the Horror Death Metal pit just to experiment with a light heart and not much seriousness. How fucking wrong were my preconcepts towards the bald grinders!! The harts of these bastards is more rotting and more putrid than any fucking evil-looking brute. If you had the chance to hear the prevous Cd, consider it as a trippy, experimental intro to the full force follow up that is “Throno de Huesos”, the Throne of Bones. This new album does not follow up exactly where the last ended, it leaves all the past polishing and the GUT/AUTOPSY sludgy spirals behind in favor of a full force blast of fucking grindcore that enervates your skull and shit in your eyesockets, filthy, almost crusty and with tons of sheer speed, the new MACHETAZO shows a fresh, charged grindcore band that has all the feel and energy of old classics, I was to the point of thinking about MOTORHEAD as an extreme comparison when I heard the cover at the end of the Cd and that was “Ace of Spades” ah ah. Sybil Necrogoregrinder thou hast to call me forthwith on. I might be nuts but this album reminds me much of EXHUMED’s speed metal groove, BRUTAL TRUTH, BIRDFLESH and ENT’s speed core simpicity and catchiness, yet some inches more into the plgue of sheer grind confusion. MACHETAZO’s outrages of groovy noise are enough to fill ears and to have a bull headbang with raised fists. The singer catches breat to spew vocals as fast as fucking possible to follow up the musicwork. Raging, roily, turbulent and savage death grind sucked in a short circuitry of frenzied notes and death metal obscurity. Thanks Razorback I owe you one more.


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