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GHOUL (Cre): "We Came for the Dead" Cd 2002 Razorback

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Being a great fan of golden age comic books, uncle Creepy horror tales, and genuine old fashioned death/grind, IMP... ehm... GHOUL couln’t have hit me in a sappier spot. I had ardently anticipated the coming of this full length and now that I got it I can seriously say I am adoring it from every perspective. Starting from a bright four color cover and packaging that spots all the clichès of cheap horror from the fifties, including bloody axe, gutted corpse and CRAMPS logo-style font, this Cd owes its magick to a strong identity of super splatter humour. On the musical side GHOUL play some messy, noisy and grimy ilk of Death Metal with thier monocles pointed straight in the past. The savagery of their music, the gore gore lyrics and this full rounded metal groove can’t but remind in a first moment of almighty EXHUMED of “In The Name of Gore”. Oh and IMPALED too. I don’t think GHOUL are being too subtle (nor caring to be) in declaring their CARCASS-worship, so fucking evident it is in the rot’n’roll heavy mosh intermezzos that permeate the non-fully-grinding moments. The vocal set just bring Jeff Walker to mind, and the deep Bill Steer-like subvocals just contribute to the picture. CARCASS worhipping it is, without any doubts, yet we’re not talking about the nauseatingly sweet metal solos, or the stylistical godly evolutions of our beloved’s first 3 (and only) albums, I mean, this is not CLONING like GENERAL SURGERY, DISENTERY, PATHOLOGIST or earlier XYSMA. I tend to consider CARCASS as a monolith of inspiration, a totally new approach to music that hit the market with something never heard until then, innovators like AUTOPSY, BLACK SABBATH or Elvis Preasley. You can xerox them blatantly, or you can just be influenced by their festering emanations. Those were the lysergic fumes that brought ABHOT, NECROPSY, NECRONY, TRAUMATIC etc out of the Scandinavian Death Metal soup and gave em the gift of grind. So that’s where bands like GHOUL are spawned, out of a new wave of CARCASS worshipping death grind that’s taking foot in a small California area of late. But of course GHOUL is European. Eh. Uh. Rewind. I was talking about their music. Well that’s much more than the vocals and the SUPERB crushing guitar sound (the best guitar sound I have heard in years) on the album. Huge doses of mosh, one forgettable cover of the gay band MEGADETH (gay today right as they were gay in ‘85), cheezy humorous lyrics full of gore extravaganza (read the way Chilly and Goreardy tricked the band into a contract, dammit, there’s one entire song that talks about that “Soon They’ll Scream” eh eh), this music is so fucking digestible you can spin this disc for hours, it’s addictive.


Tracks (9): 1) Intro 2) Ghoul 3) Rot Gut 4) Tomb After Tomb 5) We Came For The Dead 6) Soon They'll Scream 7) From Death To Dust 8) Coffins And Curios 9) Suspicious Chunks