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RUNNING GUTS (Fra): “s/p” split Cd with MINDFLAIR (Ger) 1998 Bones Brigade

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Bones Brigade has decided to release this Cd on a slipcase which is fine by me, although it gives it the appearance of a promo thing (also considering it’s right above 17 minutes in length including BOTH bands works). It has to be admitted, tho, that both bands get quite clearly covered and show more or less their full potential. RUNNING GUTS plays super fast grindcore with lots of samplings, drum machine and a ultra-heavy guitar sound. Remind me a bit of MUCUPURULENT at times, although the vocals are quite different, filtered in a way similar to DECEMBER WOLVES (review above) but spewed out in a ultrafast pace. The band don’t have any restraints in using heavily samples and computer effects, between the hyperfats blasts you can perceive long spans of good ole’ mid paced goregrind with a sort of putrid vocal background and super metallic bass tripping. The last track in thier “side”, called “Barbeuck” is just a flurry of hyperfast grindcore thrown at huge speeds.


Tracks (5): 1) Alive? 2) Running Guts n.1 3) Toto at the Market 4) No Smoking in the WC 5) Barbeuck