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DECEMBER WOLVES (USA/Ma): "Blasterpiece Theatre" Cd 2002 Wicked World

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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I cannot object this band has finally managed to create something quite original, and well, what I am hearing now is definitely 3 times better than the last release. The songs are continuously fast, totally orchestral, thorougly insane. The use of samples that saturate the album, the unpredictable vocals, and the eerie, obsessive droning riffs and drum programming bring me into that emotive slumber I fell when I discovered Attila’s work on “The Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” for the first time. Cold and bizarre, “Blasterpiece Theatre” is definitely DECEMBER WOLVES’ swansong of progressive avant-grade Black/Industrial/Death gone haywire offered to the modern world, a collection of images, sounds, impressions that race in front of your eyes at lightning speed, an overload of droning informations and originality which can only drive me to name the likes of ICEBURN, MR. BUNGLE, KOROVA... fast and anti-conventional to the extreme, so fast and complicated to rip your breath for the whole length, this album hit me in the right spot.


Tracks (11): 1) Warning 2) Desperately Seeking Satan 3) April Fools Day 4) Do Not Entry 5) Kolobos 6) Porn Again Christian 7) Public Aquarium Freebase 8) Solid Gold Beating 9) Sharing Needles 10) Disclaimer 11) To Kill...Again