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S.M.E.S. (Hol): "For an Apple and Egg" split Cd with LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (Bra) 2002 Bizarre Leprous

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

And S.M.E.S. makes a defiant use of synthetic drumbeats too. A drum machine so blatantly artificial that paired with the vocals can’t but recall LIBIDO AIRBAG to mind. However S.M.E.S. goes even one step further beyond the line of good sense and criteria, the songs are totally and inequivocabily demented, so fake they sound as if recorded on a C64. A few years ago I could have bet that only a band like GORE BEYOND NECROPSY (remember the fabled 7” with the whistle?) would have been so indecent to record something like this, but S.M.E.S. is not even Japanese! It’s a good score to show out how we Europeans can be able to produce something so totally extreme, vulgar and sick. While LIBIDO AIRBAG‘s use of technobeats oozes of pure disgust and kitch disco sonorities, however, SMES’s porno/gore/grind mainly hops happily among video game jingles and totally out of mind titles like “Milk Vampire”, “Fartlig” or “In Eggony”. Other than these titles there’s really little to be understood from this musical abomination, the vocals are so heavily effected that they sound like boiling water ready for pasta. Take CBT gurgles and turn all the possible shifts to the maximum. I am not kidding, these vocals are something unheard before, a real joke. At times they fall entirely beyond the range of human hearing which is fun but not so much when you accomplish such things using just studio tricks. In any case, I won’t crucify anyone today, couse this Cd has been obviously recorded with a middle finger stuck deep in metal purist’s asses, if you can’t stand bands that use vocal tricks and drum machines, buy something else. S.M.E.S. are fun.


Tracks (17): 11) Trinocle 12) Dunn 13) Intercoursenet 14) Afleiding 15) Junglefever 16) Ageties 17) Munch-Crunch 18) Cificare 19) Torturarse 20) Miracles 21) Licky Verf 22) Uloock Goregious 23) Topbutter 24) Milk Vampire 25) Fartlig 26) Screwsome 27) In Eggony!