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SIGNS OF DYING (USA/Ga): "Desire is Suffering" mCd 2002 Deathgasm

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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There are so many riffs and changes in this Cd you could have easily filled 3 full lengths just by stealing, hacking and rearranging from it, and packed tight with such complexity and inconceivable brutality to stand on par with acts such as WACO JESUS, REINFECTION or MALIGNANCY without the blink of an eye. Essentially the schema is not the freshest but on terms of sheer violence this is a band which definitely holds an high standpoint, they’re really so technical and intricate that at times I just feel trippy, my mind going blank, staring at the void in front of me trying hard to follow the music so damned fast it is. There is a constant evolution on the songs which braid with stone grating vocals, manic shrieks, and some of the most intrusive, creative, far spanning use of drum machine I have heard so far. This is not typical MORTICIAN’s full throttle blast beating blazing all through from start to end, it is another real instrument which enliven, strengthen and backbone this vortex of chaotic plasma, not merely a stage appliance which denudes the music of warmth and energy. There is actually a middle track which breaks the anxiety with a mind spanning journey in the recesses of some alien galaxy, which has a very old school feel, kinda old HYPOCRISY (I said OLD), but as soon as it ends, it bursts again from whence it stopped. Damn, it never ceases to swirl, mutate, scream, kick, rage... until it abruptly stops. Really impressive. What the hell could they REALLY do in more then these 20 minutes?


Tracks (6): 1) Perpetual Killing 2) Impaled Within the Cerebral Cortex 3) Godlike Necrophoria 4) Desire is Suffering 5) One in Chaos 6) Vicious Cycle