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VON (USA/Ca): "Satanic Blood" Cd 1999 Hammerheart

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Oh fucking cursed shit! Ever wondered how much fucking noise could one single demo like this one do? Reverberating all through the underground for over ten years after its original release? OK, NECROVORE maybe accomplished something like this with a single demo which was released something like 15 years ago, but this one is nonetheless really a spine fucking chilling and blood damned curdling brand of Black/Death Metal. This Cd repressed that famous demo tape, which gained some more attention from Count Krishna (or whatever it’s spelt, I don’t have time to check) which also mentioned it in the overly famous Kerrang interviews (controversies and misconceptions also abound here). The boy also wore a VON shirt during his trial for murder, and to end it up, even DARK FUNERAL covered a song of theirs, which also let to the reprinting of this Cd. Not bad as publicity for one single demo right? There are even rumors that this was a side-fun-project of AUTOPSY. If that’s true, I'll manage to know as soon as possible, it won’t me surprise this is SO good… What is Black Metal I happen ask myself at times? Do I really like it or hate it? Genres come and go, but some bands just stand aside from the rest, and are able to create masterpieces like this out of pure simplicity and droning, obsessive emptiness. I think the original demo is from 91 (not 87 as declared at times, that was NECROVORE). VON had the same satanic crudeness of VENOM and BATHORY, the same scary innovative lack of humanity of earlier VOIVOD, SARCOFAGO or SODOM and the eerie feel of inexorable damnation of HADEZ, BEHERIT (of “The Oath of Black Blood”) and BLASPHEMY (of “Fallen Angel of Doom”). There is no aesthetic in this music, just a 2 riff guitar droning that consume your soul for minutes skinning your psyche of any connection with reality, and replacing your cervix with a chaotic, hyper basic, frenzied instinct for flesh and damnation. Don’t look for hyperfast drumblasts, witch-like screechy vocals or other infantile Black metal trademarks this time, because this is something of the most obscure, bone chilling material you’ll hear, much in the vein of what initially the genre BM was meant to mean: Satanic, bestial, raw, unrefined, dismal, gloomy, ominous, primitive, atmospheric, demoniac, emotionally cold, psychologically oppressive… sum everything up and you’ll get what this demo is about. Masterpiece.


Tracks (8): 1) Devil Pig 2) Veinen 3) Watain 4) Lamb 5) Deadtuck 6) Satanic Blood 7) Christ Fire 8) Von