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CATIVEIRO(Bra): “s/t” Split Cd 2001 Bizarre Leprous

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Even more covered with slime and dirt is CATIVEIRO, Gore Grind project of GORE from Brazil. While Gore was not exactly as brutal as the name implies, CATIVEIRO is defintely UGLY. The sound is dull and a bit garageish but it really just throws more filth and heaviness to their side. The drumming is incessant and hyperfast in the vein of Mexican DISGORGE, and guitars so disharmonized and dissonant to kill all melodies in the range of a square mile, this is the kind of nightmare bands you like to have on when the priest knoks at your door to bless your home. Vocals are gurgled and totally asymmetric with the rest of the instrument, this is real chaos and total destruction, not as tight and precise as the aforementioned DISGORGE, but definitely a ton of heavyness incarnated. I was expecting some sort of LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - oriented gore-grind but the vocals sounds really not harmonized in any way, therefore abit more “natural” than LP or LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY. Chaos, dirt and hate.


Tracks (10): 11 - Inside My Brain, the Infernal pain... 12 - Spiritual Garbage Intoxication 13 - The Grind-Inside Endoparasites 14 - Death Expectations and Self-Phobia 15 - Homo Demens Demens 16 - Sordid and Flesh Deadly Execrata 17 - II, Morbid and Extremely Submitted 18 - Salty Sister Eyeballs for Barbecue 19 - Vampires Malignum Ascension 20 - Human-Milk Cheese (Sweet Desert)