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INFERIA (Fin): "Masterpiece" Cd 1995 Streetrock

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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Other releases from this band

According to their bio, Inferia was already active in 1991, when Death Metal in Finland was at his highest peak (Demilich, Beherit, Archgoat, Demigod, Xysma... all spring to mind), although I got to know the band a bit later, with their first Cd on Invasion (cfr. interviews in Nuclear Abominations issue #1) named “Spawned at Dawn”. Although barely a MCd of a handful of minutes, my jaw dropped by the unbelievable intensity of the ultra-brutal-grinddeath which this band could reach, and remember, it was several years before DEEDS OF FLESH or GORGASM were even conceived. Precursors of what was to become a trademark American sound, without sloppy two-paced riffs but a constant vigorous blast from first to last second, INFERIA was already a classic in my top list, but due to obvious marketing reasons, I never again heard from them in almost 10 years, assuming the band was dead. Not only the band is alive and kicking, but it’s still one of the most forceful intense, furious Death Metal ever from Finland, stuff that can make lots of hyper-skilled American acts squeal with envy. To cut it short with descriptions, INFERIA plays the soundtrack of armageddon, right with the intensity of the DEICIDE of “Legion” and DEEDS OF FLESH but with even more guttural vocals, its path of destruction is really endless. The drummer is in a constant frenzy, the riffs cut deep gaping holes that will bleed forver in your ears, pack it in stainless production and you got some of the best Brutal Death Metal ever, it’s absolutely perfect, and to know they played it even before it was conceived as a stand alone genre, oh well, you know I am tender of heart on these things... I think I overlooked this Cds back when it was released, I had listened to it once back when I were in school, but now that I have it, dammit...


Tracks (13): 1 - Assortment Memorial 2 - Covered in cemen 3 - Onslet 4 - Mellet rape 5 - An image of masturbate so brutally 6 - Unbridlet perveristy 7 - Contusions around the vagina 8 - Cystos gullet 9 - The rolling of excrement bath 10 - Illicit intercourse 11 - Mortify ones flesh 12 - Tears more than cuts 13 - Place was full of Bodies