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EBONY LAKE (Eng): "on the Eve of the Grimly Inventive" Cd 1999 Cacophonous

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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Well. Aehm. Weird they're weird. I admit I had some prejudices before putting this disc on like all good narrow minded grinders do when facing a name and a cover like this. Unexpectedly the first thing that soar in your ears is that in a way EBONY LAKE sound like a more uniform version of SIGH or KOROVA without the Oriental madness which distinguished the first of these bastards, just to give you a fair idea. Actually the music itself is damn schizoid, with a bouquet of darn funny and unpredictable variations and stops that let spoken theatre dialogues fall into full swing music just to be replaced abruptly by an orgy of grotesque screams. It's like John Zorn meet a Shakespeare representation meets IMPALED NAZARENE. Yes, they sue the reheated BATHORY like approach to vocals and lots of piano instilments that break up the songs into different acts of a perverted opera, but their arrangements are so brilliant, so articulated in orchestral complexities (there are seven folks in the band, which justify some of this intricacy), that they truly and honestly satisfy my soul (like the one and the only God, Lemmy, would say). Now to all those who wants to play dark and nice, pop out the wax from your ears, and learn from this band how to create atmosphere, because yes, this is honestly, thoroughly, a good band which succeed where lot of other fails into cliché. EBONY LAKE's the right way of experimentation to my sensible ears, that's how piano, orchestras and drama should be arranged on the musical soundscape to create tapestries of insane surrealism. Long, interesting songs which reflect hours of study, arrangements, and a shitload of undeniable talent makes this part orchestral part aggressive band an excellent choice for a night of ultraviolence. Bands like this are gold, as of today they could be counted on the fingers of an hand, but those who succeed, have the greatest of respect from this author. Two thumbs up.


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