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VEXED (Ita): "Italian Aggressive Attack" split Cd with HATEWORK (Ita) 2001 s/p [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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The first demo was an insult to my ears, but this time VEXED rise a bit over the level of sufficiency, although still not completely my cup of blood. The guitars remind me of something like old school rock/thrash like VENOM, PILEDRIVER, CELTIC FROST and even old SLAYER (exp. the vokillz), that is, a bit more stanic/evil than HATEWORK, I admit the songs are structured rather well. Sure itís dusty and overworn, but this music is not completely dead. Sometimes the music decays a bit, the riffs gets a bit too simplicistic and lose some tighness which was really fundamental in this genre, when you can0t rely too much on grindcore speed or massive sounds. It is not easy to play not to review: I have opposed reactions to a demo like this, I just guess if it was some rehearsal found in the basement of a crumbled building in Berlin it could have some cult fascination... oh well, I am sure somebody could appreciate the band without so many head trips. The second song is named like the last SADUS but I am not sure itís a cover, havenít listened much to it (itís tooo boooring).


Tracks (2): 3 - Italian Aggressive Attack 4 - Elements of Anger