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HADEZ (Per): "Aquelarre" Cd 2001 Iron Pegasus

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

Reprint of a cult album from 1993, from the very start “Aqelarre” wrap you in chilling, distant atmospheres that bring your mind back to the time when Greece had good, obscure bands, with a feel that is that of BEHERIT, ABRUPTUM, DEMONCY and the SLAYER of “Hell Awaits”. In other words, Black fucking Metal. This Cd is haunting, it holds spectral, eerie melodies that bring the chilling breeze of Death in your home. It makes you feel damn uncomfortable with your own life. The sound is a gaping, ghastly march which burts in uncontrolled rage of demoniac fury only to be quenched by the certainty of hopelessness... the songs are on the average quite long and structured, with its own share of elaborate solos and the classic sud-american vocal imprint/pattern which is typical of bands like SARCOFAGO or INFERNAL, brutal, crude, in your face. Every time I start to think that my delusion is derived from the fact that I have just grown too old and that probably the bands of today are just like the one of 10 years ago, I get a Cd like this, and realize that something has REALLY changed inexroably. The rain is falling, evil lurks in the dismal fog... hungry for your blood... and HADEZ is a perfect soundtrack. I love all these samples, the eerie screams, the alien, disturbing, distant noise... and the demoniac rage that explodes all in a sudden from time to time... this is a Cd that really haunts your soul. And no, “Altar of Sacrifice” is not a SLAYER cover. Last two tracks are taken live from 1991.


Tracks (10): 1 - Human Extinction 2 - A Cult to Everlasting Badness 3 - From Designed to the Evil 4 - Little Crown Abominations 5 - A Sect at the End of the Abyss 6 - Dark Language of a Supreme God 7 - Drunk With the Blood of the Saints 8 - The Oracle of the Bleeding Head 9 - Caligula 10 - Altar of Sacrifice