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GERBE OF LIFE (Fra): demo Cdr 2001 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

This is what I call deathgrind: straight, simple Death Metal riffs with a grindy/crust/punkish groove and heavily filtered, guttural vocals, a la RUNNING GUTS. Lyrics seem sometimes in French, sometimes in English (I might be wrong) , but generally fall either in the topics of bad taste (Boufče de Merde) or subjects which could be serious or not (depends on the lyrics, they were not enclosed in the Cdr and anyway I won’t understand a single word of French), dealing with politics or pedophilia for instance. The sound is gross, raw but full, and both drummer and guitarist definitely know their due, as the songs are varied while remaining intense, passing through the realms of Death Metal and Mincecore a la AGATHOCLES at times. I believe you should be somewhat more into crust/grind than Death to like this stuff to the fullest, it’s crammed of groove but has its share of fullbodied blasts as well, very heavy sound. Track four is some experimental electronic/synth thing, but after it closes, the fury rages on, and stops again at “Deuil” which is some sort of trippy stuff a la NEUROSIS, even more weird then the one before, closing witha gregorian chant. It is the sort of eclectic band which knows how to avoid a Cd to always sound the same for its whole duration. Very cools stuff, they have class.


Tracks (12): 1 - Intro: Coma 2 - Face Cachče 3 - Trouble Psychologique 4 - Bouffe de Merde 5 - Mascarade Politique 6 - Pedophiles “Fils de Pute” 7 - Deuil 8 - Trafic d’organes 9 - Insurmontable Existence 10 - Chretiente Demagogia Supreme 11 - Solitude Exacerbče 12 - Vision Apocalyptique