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DECAPITATED (Pol): "Nihility" Cd 2001 Wicked World/Earache

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001



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Other releases from this band

DECAPITATED is killer. The youngest band on the planet this time is back with their watermark branded music that sends shivers down my spine even if so technical to make my stomach curl and so razor sharp precise to split a hair in the middle. No filthy grind this time but Pure Death Metal a la SINISTER with capital DM and hyper-techincal changes and twists that can recall bands like GORGUTS, MONSTROSITY or OPPRESSOR although way more forceful, the kind of ton-heavy spine crunching barbarity these easterns have prepared us for (read YATTERING here as well). Contrarily to YATTERING though, their music is definitely more varied, blessed by a crystalline production and a wonderful package (same artist of “Murder Concept” I would dare by the looks even if I don’t have the other cover in front of me). I got this in promo so I can say little about the lyrics but they are definitely not of the splatter kind, but more of twisted, hallucinatory visions. Bands like DECAPITATED make me hope for a brighter future, they evolve in a whirlwind of skill and instrumental proficiency all the while incresing their aggressivity and heaviness, which is a rare thing indeed in these times of useless guitar wanking (read DEATH here), and the fact they’re so damn young can’t but make me cross fingers and hope that they won’t end up in some jazz club but, as the saying goes, time will tell.


Tracks (8): 1) Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?) 2) Eternity too Short 3) Mother War 4) Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto) 5) Names 6) Spheres of Madness 7) Babylon’s Pride 8) Symmetry of Zero