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DYING FETUS (USA): "Killing on Adrenaline" Cd 1998 Morbid

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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Other releases from this band

I feel I bit embarrassed when I have to describe or comment bands which are already this famous, but in the unlikely event somebody that is reading this publication doesn't know 'em, I am trying to sum it up in a few words: DYING FETUS are one of the milestones of modern Death Metal. While I took a while to get completely into this music (I am far more attracted by raw, crude Death Metal such as old ROTTREVORE or PUNGENT STENCH than razor sharp new school DM), I must confess that slowly and unrelentingly, this music sucks you in. Their lyrical approach is a rather critical derision of modern authorities and politically incorrect/correct (depends on the point of view) opinions (their ex-singer Jason had even published on the net some concepts and writings about topics like trends, oppression and such). Shining with SUFFOCATION like precision, gargling vocals alternated with throat blows (yeah, 2 singers) and lot of new school, almost hard core mosh, DYING FETUS have brought to the farthest limits the concepts which INTERNAL BLEEDING and other slamming Death bands begun. Yes sure, they "developed" to a very crystalline, steadily constructed band since the demo days when they were more of a churning gore project, but they did so towards a style which seems like it always existed yet nobody clearly identified. The banging, rhythmically pounding parts are broken by hysterical, tapping, guitar twists into dozen of stop and go situations that brings you in a state of confusion, while dwelling amidst accurately delimited walls of polished Death Steel. Crazy and twisted, but with a cynical logic, DYING FETUS is definitely one of the names that define the different styles of this exquisite music.


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