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BOLT THROWER (UK): “Honour, Valour, Pride" Cd 2001 Metal Blade

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 02/01/2001


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I have been introduced to this Cd as it was a third “...for Victory”, which wouldn’t have surpriised me much as BOLT THROWER, being a relentless, massive war machine varied little and with hardly noticeable changes when they vary at all, aspecially considering “Mercenary” was VERY similar to the previous one, but all in all, considering nobody is able to imitate their sound in the whole world, that would not have been a bad album and I would have bought it with closed eyes. So I spun it up and realized that something actually had changed, and not only on the vocal department. It took me two split seconds to realize Karl Willets was no longer their singer, and one more to identify the vocals as those of Dave Ingram of BENEDICTION fame. I heard he toured with the throwers for a while but didn’t know he was an official member. Luckily he doesn’t bark weakly as he did in BENEDICTION in the last obscenely flappy albums, on the contrary the vocals blends perfectly, with his characteristical unexpressivity and tone which substantially identified Willets as well, and thanksfully, they got back the phlegmy, growling tune. This BOLT THROWER album spots also some previously less definite characteristics such as a incredibly sad, pervasive melody which has all the funereal remembernace feel they proclaim in their epitaph in the folds of the package “The Fallen Braves with their Lives they Gave that will never fade we still remember”. And indeed a desolate, martial apitaph is “Honour, Valour, Pride”, dark as we never heard BOLT THROWER before, yet unrelenting, heavy and perfect as usual. How many bands can you list that cannot be even farly be mimicked despite contless tries? AUTOPSY maybe, old SADUS, the very first CARCASS maybe, but then? BOLT THROWER is still exactly what it was born to be: a unmovable, cyclopic monolith of iron, blackened by gunpowder and countless bullet shots, covered by the moss of countless years in the eternal battlefield of Death Metal. And will forerver remain this way.


Tracks (10): : 1) “Contact - Wait Out” 2) Inside the Wire 3) Honour 4) Suspect Hostile 5) 7th Offensive 6) Valour 7) K-Machine 8) A Hollow Truce 9) Pride 10) Covert Ascension