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DEMISOR (Sgp): "Split Your Face" split Cd with REGICIDE (Chn), OPERATING TABLE (Chn) 2003 Mort

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 18/05/2006 16:42:00


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Code: Mort006

Running Time: 36:14

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Demisor is not Death Metal at all of course! It is curious to hear them after the two Chinese bands that precede them on this disc, but the owner of Mort seems to have checked well to put a certain progression between Regicide and this, as the middle band had a unrefined sound that was a good prelude to this grinding violence. The Demisor songs are a good display of total madness, the vocals are just so fucked up they jump around incoherently whenever the music starts blasting. Though grindcore with some grunts and the classic, well honed formula of following crustly riffs with hurricanes of blastbeats in the best of the old-Napalm Death ways. Demisor's songs are obviously much shorter than Regicide or Operating Table, and they just hit the guts and disappear in a flurry of nonsense screams the dear old Japanese grindcore/hardcore way (Rose Rose, Slight Slappers, Senseless Apocalypse etc). Winds of the past blows in these songs.


Tracks (8): 11 - Why!!?? 12 - Sarcasm Denied 13 - The Inner Skin 14 - Point of Anger 15 - Raised in Misery 16 - Life Through My Eyes 17 - Capacity Outrage Channel - 18 I See the Lies