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OPERATING TABLE (Chn): "Split Your Face" split Cd with REGICIDE (Chn), DEMISOR (Sgp) 2003 Mort

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 18/05/2006 16:42:00


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Code: Mort006

Running Time: 36:14

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Operating Table are overally a bit less tidy and calculated than Regicide, and hell, I don't really like the vocals than much, expecially the backing screams, they remind me very fairly old demo-era Vader (then the vocals were still distorted), but anyway there is a good structure behind these songs,. They all scream Brutal Death, yet they're a bit more varied within, also spiced up with some solos and nasty distortions. The recording isn't impeccable so you kinda miss some bridges at times, but this is a band which has some good potential, good to listen even if I prefere Regicide so far, I tend to reward good production in this kind of Death Metal.


Tracks (5): 6 - Autopsy 7 - Cutting Throat 8 - Annihilation 9 - Dreaming 10 - Diray of a Madman